Suunto – D4 Dive Computer

Complete Decompression Wristwatch Dive Computer with Freediving function

An entry level Suunto Dive Computer, the Suunto D4 is built from tough, light composite and is aimed at the serious water sports lover. Forward looking and timeless in its design, the Suunto D4 also comes with a built in, automated free diving function.

Comprehensive Dive Information Display

While set to Air mode, the Suunto D4 functions as a dive computer capable of bringing a diver to full decompression. The D4 also has a large number of memory functions, together with a dive profile recorder with up to 80 hours of memory, and a Dive Planner. The Suunto D4 can also be programmed with a diver’s personal settings, and using the Suunto RGBM decompression model, allows a diver to make deep safety stops both at sea level and at altitude.

In Nitrox mode, the Suunto D4 can be programmed to use nitrox mixtures with an O2 content of 21% to 50%, with a programmable PO2 limit of 0.5-1.6bar.

In Free dive mode, the Suunto D4 is calibrated to display depth and time recordings together with an alarm function. The Suunto D4 samples depth 3 times a second to ensure depth accuracy, and records to the dive profile every second for comprehensive, accurate post-dive analysis. Alarms are user-calibrated, and can be used to measure progress during a dive.

Post-Dive Analysis

Not only does the Suunto D4 track and save your maximum depth, dive time, and surface interval, it also gives you a one-touch summary of your entire day’s dive history. Functions include deepest dive and dive time, longest dive time and maximum depth reached on each dive. The Suunto D4’s logbook and Dive planner can also be accessed on both the Suunto D4 itself or through a PC using the Suunto Dive Manager Software for the ultimate in convenience.

Suunto D4 is more than a Dive Computer

The Suunto D4 works both on and off the dive boat. With a 24h or 12h selectable time display, dual time keeping, calendar, alarms and stopwatch with split time function, the Suunto D4 is everything a digital wristwatch can be and more

Main Features of Suunto D4 4 Different Modes (Free, Time, Nitrox, Air) Full Decompression Data 80h Dive profile and logbook memory Scuba and Free diving lifetime memory Free dive daily history Dive profile bookmarking Optional USB-PC Interface Multi Step ascent rate indicator User calibration function Adjustment for altitudes 0-3000m (0-10000ft) Automatic safety stop timer Backlight illumination Maximum depth of 0-100m (0-328ft) Audible Alarms Maximum Depth Alarm Exceeded Depth Notification Alarm Surface time alarm Selectable Metric or Imperial Units Battery Life Indicator Calender Dual time function Stopwatch Function Alarms Scratch Resistant Display Programmed with Suunto RGBM algorithms.